Austin Flyboard LLC

Equipmentwhat's a flyboard?

FlyBoards are platforms with boots which resemble miniture WakeBoards or SnowBoards. These platforms provide the primary thrust to push you aloft. Hand controlled jets help provide stability. A Personal Water Craft (PWC) provides propulsion through a long flexible hose attached to the FlyBoard jets. The instructor controls the amount of thrust from the PWC while the rider controls direction using their body and the hand jets.

Trainingbeginner to expert!

Almost anyone can use a FlyBoard. Young and old, short and tall, big and small, it is really very easy. At Austin FlyBoard we know you want to 'fly' and not sit in boring training. That's why we pride ourselves on minimizing 'training' to maximize 'riding'. Typical first time riders are up and flying in about 15 minutes. Once you master the basics, our instructors can teach you progressively more difficult manuvers. It is all up to you how far you want to go.

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Experiencethe austin original!

Austin FlyBoard LLC was the first recognized and certified FlyBoard retailer in Texas. We quickly saw the potential for fun offered by these new devices and signed on shortly after they became available in the United States. Official FlyBoard retailers are required to have certified instructors before selling FlyBoard products. Austin FlyBoard LLC is the only distributor in Austin to complete all of these requirements. Put your trust in the original.

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