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We take pride in the fact that no one is a beginner for long here at Austin Flyboard. We're not into classes and formal training. We think the best way to learn is to go do it! Of course first timers get all of the safety instruction and personal attention they desire but then it's into the water and up in the air. First timer riders are usually flying in about 15 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your training and be the first of your friends to be an "Austin Fly Boarder".

intermediatealmost everyone

After mastering the basics its time to learn some maneuvers. It takes time to learn to Flyboard just like any new activity. Here at Austin Flyboard, we want you to enjoy yourself and we will help you learn at your own pace. There is never any pressure to master new techniques. But for those 'alpha' types that just can't take a back seat to anyone, we can teach you as much as you want to learn.

Almost everyone falls into the intermediate category where one of our instructors is always on hand to coach you along.

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advancedflyboard junkie

So you've been Flyboarding a while and endured the face plants, belly smacks, and sore muscles from mastering the basic maneuvers. Its time to move on to the really cool stuff. Like SnowBoards, WakeBoards, and SkateBoards, the types of tricks you can do on a FlyBoard are endless. We can help you master some tricks but others you just create on your own.

Electronic Management Kit (EMK) systems are available for flyer control of the PWC propulsion for expert riders.